Wednesday, 26 August 2015


I'm sorry I've been away, I can not believe how fast time flies.

Recently my younger brother graduated from high school, as older sister makes me feel proud. Congratulations brother!😊

The fact of this event made me think of something that although we are brothers we are so different, the fact of growing with our parents often we try to imitate everything they do. Fortunately I was lucky to grow up with parents who always let us be who we are, we had the freedom to express and choose what we like not leaving behind what is the best for us.

When I was in high school I remember cases where the parents of my classmates wouldn't let them be themselves. I always thought that many parents are wrong to try to overprotect their children. They should know that what they have to do is to help and guide us to be independent from the time we are born, to teach us how to defend ourselves in adversity.

I also thought that one of the biggest mistakes of humans is to be dependent in any way, especially when it comes to being happy based on someone else, I can't understand why is difficult to understand that to be happy we must accept and love ourselves first.
Being independent we know ourselves, we realise what our limits are and beyond them when we learn to overcome our fears and are not afraid to speak out when someone wants to silence us. this is not being a rebel is only fighting for our rights, our rights that as individuals must know how to value. 

I think is very important to spend time alone and not be defined by another person
Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Who said we have to follow instructions to be happy in life?
The truth is that we all live very differently and that's fine. Everyone has happy and sad moments, we get big surprises throughout our existence, we know the bad and the good, we fall in love, we get heartbroken, and return to the same wheel over and over again. I think we must remember that everything we do should be seeking our own happiness, of course without harming others, not being selfish but always I have thought that if we do not seek our own well-being nobody will do for us. As humans we need to be independent and not depend on someone else's happiness.

I think we should have a few things in mind to achieve to be happy, for example:

1. Stop comparing yourself to others, we are humans which means we are unique! Imagine how boring the world would be if everyone were/looked alike.

2.  Don't mind what others say about you, what others think is their problem, you know who you are, ignore stupid rumours.

3. Do not give explanations, you are the boss of your life, you are the one in charge of yourself.

4. Abandon the idea of ​​"A PERFECT LIFE", life is not perfect, it has its ups and downs.

5. Eliminate the excuses, these are only thoughts that make you feel better for not doing something you needed or wanted to do.

6. Let negativity go, stop thinking that world is against you.

7. Do not judge others, don't judge unless you want to be judged. No one has a perfect life to judge others.

 8. Do not be envious, there's no need to you to have everything you want, but need to appreciate what you have.

9. Open your mind, listen to others, you are not always right, learn to accept when you're wrong, it's not easy but it makes you feel grow.

10. Your happiness not depend on others, be the owner of your happiness, will help you become self-sufficient, remember that at the end of the day the only person you can count to one hundred percent is you.

11. Accept yourself, think about what a great person you are, and you will radiate safety and positiveness.

12. Do not live in the past, life is the present, enjoy it.

13. Do not try to always have the control, relax and let things happen at their own pace.

14. Travel, stop wasting your time watching tv, go and discover the big beautiful world. You will discover how brave you are.

15.Keep clear expectations,  if they are clear and realistic you never will be disappointed.

Remember that you have only one life and you have to make every minute of it.