Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Hello everybody! I know I have been away for so long, I feel bad for not posting anything.
I'm gonna tell you the reasons why i have been away.
First of all I want to let you know that I am doing fine, and I'm gonna try to be writing as much/soon as I can.

Guys, I have moved...! I left the island life about two months ago. I am currently living in a city, I have moved to San Pedro Sula, I will be living here for few months.
I wanted to have a new challenge, and by challenge I mean that i wanted something different.
I have always loved the island style, but sometimes I'm in need of something else; just a bit of rush/adrenaline to keep me awake!

As we watch the news and they inform that San Pedro Sula is the most dangerous city in the world, I have been here and I see is not as the news say, honestly i see that this place is really nice and quiet.
Of course is a city, and as any other city if you are in the wrong street at the wrong time, and if you are hanging with the wrong people then something is going to happen to you.

Ok, now I want to tell you about me!!! I stopped working in the dive center I used to work and I'm currently working in a call center, I know the difference is big! but I feel good having a proper job with a schedule. I seriously miss the ocean and diving, but luckily the next town (10 mint. away from SPS) I found a dive center, so i can go there to scuba dive in my days off, Isn't that cool?!
I'm constantly thinking of home, but I feel good where I am right now. I don't know how long I am going to stay here, I hope I stay long enough!
So far I have been doing some friends, I'm surprised how kind they are with me, and that makes me really happy.

I'm gonna be writing soon, hope you are doing fine! xxx